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“The most remarkable thing was that after being in excruciating pain for a year, I was no longer in agony because of the relief I got from the Gyrotonic exercises. While the surgery was still a medical necessity in order to heal, I know that the exercises prior to surgery provided substantial easing of the pain I had been experiencing on a daily basis.”
This confirmed for Lillian how truly amazing this system is. Post surgery presented yet another opportunity to prove the value of this unique method of exercising for rehabilitation purposes.
“After going through all the usual physical therapy, it was only after I began working out on the Pulley Tower that my full recovery happened. It took me to the next level of healing and strength building.”
I am very happy to have the first studio in Madison offering Gyrotonic exercise and look forward to sharing this wonderful work with many others.
Words from my happy clients
“Lillian and her amazing GYROTONIC® expertise have transformed my son after prolonged chemotherapy treatments and the numerous negative effects on the body.”
~Michele A. Newberry, Director Customer & product Implementation WPS Health Insurance

“ Lillian was able to customize an exercise program that efficiently and successfully targeted my daughter's exact needs. ”

~Sarah Pundt