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Frequently Asked Questions

A.You will feel the difference right away. To get the best sustained results, it’s recommended that you take a private session two times a week to begin. Then as you become familiar with the homework sequence of exercises, you may taper off to a once a week workout on the Pulley Tower.
A. Yes, my students are all ages and come from a wide range of backgrounds and abilities.
A. It's not difficult to use with the guidance of a properly trained and certified teacher. All of the exercises can be modified to suit each individuals' needs and abilities.

GYRO means circular and TONIC means zest for life. This method is for adults of all ages, children, dancers athletes, you name it. It is a method of exercise that helps increase the functional capacity of the body for greater strength, flexibility, increasing range of motion and can be helpful for rehabilitation purposes.

The uniqueness of the system is that it simultaneously stretches and strengthens the body while increasing range of motion and developing coordination. It's fluid, gentle and fun, providing profound results at the same time.

Absolutely! In fact most people find that their pain is decreased while their range of motion is increased from doing this exercise.

Yes the Gyrokinesis exercises are all easily done in one's home because it uses a chair and the floor. All you need is a small space.

The Gyrokinesis exercises are done on a mat or chair without equipment and is usually taught in a group class.
The Gyrotonic exercises use specialized equipment to guide and assist a student in doing the movements and is often taught as a private or very small group situation if the studio has multiple machines. Both methods are under the umbrella of Gyrotonic Expansion System.

Please e-mail or call with any further questions you may have.
I’ll be happy to answer them for you.
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